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Elephants in Motion Final HD

This is a story about special elephants – the abandoned, the abused, the ailing, and the elderly – and their human companions, whose lifetime bond provides a model for true conservation in Thailand.



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In order to carry out Building for Life’s mission, the Elephants in Motion production and distribution teams work together from cities all around the world, including Bangkok, Los Angeles, New York, and the UK. Executive Producer Narumol …

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Director’s Prior Work

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Building for Life: Moving AIDS to the Positive Light, is a story of rebirth and redemption for remarkable villagers living with HIV/AIDS in the northern region of Thailand. I began filmmaking in 2003, when the …

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Elephants in Motion: Tales of Life Transformation

Elephants in Motion: Tales of Life Transformation opens with the stories of orphaned baby elephants living at the Thai Elephant Conservation Center (TECC) due to the loss of their mothers and habitats. They discover ways to …