Help Support Our Continuing Rehabilitaton of Elephants in Need


19022-elephant-contour-vectorWhat is TECC?

The Thai Elephant Conservation Center (TECC), founded in 1993 under Royal Patronage, provides protection, health care, and training for elephants in Thailand that have lost their habitats. Beyond being an exciting tourist experience, the TECC, located in a beautiful forest near the famous city of Chiang Mai, is also known for its pioneering work in conservation and science.

What are donations to TECC used for?

  1. Supporting the veterinary mobile clinic to rescue elephants in plight (e.g. Baby Boonlong, who was abandoned by his herd during a flash flood in 2011 and brought to the nursery at TECC).
  2. Enabling elephants brought to TECC to find a mahout (human trainer/companion) and learn the arts of logging and painting that help them to develop resilience, dexterity, and emotional intelligence.
  3. Supporting the rehabilitation of confiscated or injured elephants – including financial support for the elephant’s mahout (lifetime trainer/companion) while his elephant is unable to work and earn income.
  4. Providing funding for older/early retired elephants to come live at TECC and thus avoid being sold on the black market for illegal logging.
  5. Providing funding for elderly elephants whose mahouts have passed away and/or who can no longer work/earn income to live in peace at TECC’s elephant sanctuary.


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